Why an Atomic Pink Guitar?

I’ve just recently (very recently!) decided to learn to play an instrument. Although I spent a few weeks slogging away at my husband’s keyboard, and although I love the sound of a piano (along with the 200 other instruments his keyboard can mimic), it just wasn’t doing it for me. I don’t really know why.

Electric guitar, on the other hand, has always driven me crazy. I love the sound of acoustic guitar, don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing like an electric guitar to send my senses into a frenzy. Just to tell you how bad it is — I named my son, Eric, after guitar god Eric Clapton!

So, Hendrix,Clapton, Santana, BB King, Pete Townsend’s wild windmilling style … the list goes on forever. It’s mostly guys, but that’s not my problem. My problem is finding a guitar that fits me (and not the average hulking guy-type), and that looks cool (since cool is definitely part of what an electric guitar is all about!).

Days of Internet searching later, I’ve come across a site that focuses on guitars for girls. Awesome! Many of them are aimed at the average purple-loving 9 year old, but there are many more just downright COOL-looking guitars there. So which one?

This is not a ridiculous, or trivial question. Unlike with other musical instruments, which basically all look the same as every other instrument of that type (e.g. a horn is a horn is a horn. Ditto for pianos, except for Elton John’s, of course!) — a guitar is a reflection of the person playing it. So the right one is important. Not only must it sound right, you also have to love the way it looks so you’ll love playing it — even through all those horrible “dull” periods of practice.

So, after much comparison shopping and soul-searching, I decided to give into my inner “girly-girl” and get a cosmically sparkly atomic pink guitar. In its own gorgeous way it somehow combines the rockin’ energy of all my guy guitar heroes with the flat-out declaration that a “girl guitar” can be cool too.

One comment

  1. I was a musician myself for a dozen years. Now that I’m out of undergrad and living in the middle of nowhere again, I don’t really have a place to play anymore.

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